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Wireless Vs Wired Networks

Why choose a wireless network?
WirelessWireless networks don't use cables for connections, but rather they use radio waves, like cordless phones. The advantage of a wireless network is the mobility and freedom from the restriction of wires or a fixed connection.

North Texas Wireless

We offer High Speed Wireless Internet to the Thornberry / Charlie / Cameron Gardens area and parts of downtown Wichita Falls.
Point to Point links for Business to eliminate all costly T-1 lines.
Business Customers Plans (call for details).

Does your Business need a Camera or a Web Site

Having a security camera system can protect you, your employees and your store when the US is in an economic down turn. It is a known fact that when the economy goes down, crime goes up. When the unemployment rate increases more people do not have jobs or lose their jobs. Some people do whatever they have to do to feed their family and themselves. Whether they have to rob, steal or kill they will get what they want.

A web site is like your giant public bulletin board where people can get information on how to find you, where you are located, what you have to offer, why your service is unique, and what's new in your company. It also is easily updated and changed frequently, and is a communication forum through which your customers can communicate back to you with questions, concerns and feedback on their needs.  


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